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ntb file. Thank you for the report. A: I don't know how your.ntb files were created, so I cannot answer this with certainty, but you might be able to use the Nitro Pro dictionary pack which can be downloaded from here. For a start, the dictionary pack comes with this.ntb file and it contains definitions for the words you've mentioned. It also comes with a "languages.config" file which contains the order of the languages in your project. So you'll need to convert your.ntb file into a format that this dictionary pack can read. As explained in the manual, you can convert an.ntb file into a dictionary pack format like this: Create a new project with a.ntb file Use the "Source" tool to open the.ntb file Use the "Convert" tool to convert the.ntb file into a dictionary pack You can view the conversion output to see the resulting dictionary pack. If you can get the dictionary pack to work, you'll also be able to open your.ntb file in the appropriate language. If you're not comfortable converting your.ntb files or your project into the dictionary pack format, then I suggest that you contact Nitro to ask them what the best way of resolving this issue is. Q: Clearing content from the database and preventing the site from being displayed I have a site where I have used Session to store a value for a few days, with the Session timed out at 90 minutes, and as such the site does not work properly, it clears out the Session (which I have specified to only clear after 90 minutes), so I would like to know how I can stop the site from being displayed when a value has been cleared in the database, or allow a user to continue navigating the site as if nothing has happened. I have tried using AJAX to try and clear the content after 90 minutes, but I am stuck and not sure how to proceed. I've seen examples of how to save and delete the Session, however I am not sure how I can get my php script to check if the Session has been cleared, and if so do nothing and display the site as normal, and if not, delete the value in the database (if the Session is not cleared). Thanks When the session times out, save the last activity time. Then, when the



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Cambiar Idioma Nitro.pdfl

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